Hi I hope someone might be able to help me... As I'm completely stuck!
I'm making a pair of double pleat curtains for a 4m window. Ive made curtains before but nothing of this size and the quantity of fabric is a little overwhelming! I also decided to use buckram for the heading as the last ones I made I used heading tape and the pleats just didn't look as crisp as I'd hoped.

I'm hanging the curtains on track and wish to cover the track when they are closed. But I read somewhere I have to be careful with the width of the spaces to avoid the curtain hitting the track. Does anyone have any advice on this? How to calculate the space width and pleat depth to ensure that this doesn't happen.

The curtains I used the heading tape for... The spaces fold outward when open rather than inward and again rather spoils the effect.

Thanks for any advice...