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    Default Flowers, etc, in wax melts?

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    Hi there

    I'm just trying out making candles and wax melts for the first time, with the hope of having some little wax melts for my and my boyfriend's mothers for mothers day. So far, so good, although I haven't tested them yet!

    My question is whether I could put things in with the wax for the melts? I'm specifically thinking lavender buds (flowers? I can't think of the term for the single bits) as I've ordered some lavender fragrance, and I thought it would be pretty. I know it'd be a bad idea for candles due to the fire risk, but can't see an obvious problem in doing it with wax melts. Any insight?

    One more question: I see a few questions on here about labels. Is this a legal requirement, or a good-to-do, or what? I'm thinking of donating some candles to my office's charity tombola, and wanted to know what would be required.

    Thanks for any help!

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    I think the lavender bits in melts should be fine. If you are selling or in your case donating, yes you should label and make sure you have followed all the legal guidelines.

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