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Thread: Creating mercury effect

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    Default Creating mercury effect

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    Hi I'm new to glass craft, but am wanting to create some mercury glass bottles, in greens/blues/pinks. The video tutorials are mostly US (Grrrr!) So these relate to a US brand of mirror glass spray? Can I use any colour 'metallic' spray paint or should it contain something specific or be a mirror effect to get the same result? Does anyone know a uk brand, don't really want to spend lots of money on different sprays. Any advice would be greatly appreciated 😊

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    Hello Rachel, welcome to the forum.

    I know nothing about working with glass or paints, but hopefully one of our multi-talented and very knowledgeable members may be able to help with your query. We are not the busiest forum around, so some patience may be required until the right person sees your post and has time to reply.


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    Hi there,
    I think should check on You-tube because using the video you can see it practiacally.

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