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Thread: Painting the inside of a glass bottle

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    Default Painting the inside of a glass bottle

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    Hello- new to forum but have dabbled in a few crafts! I am currently trying to paint the inside of glass bottles and am failing miserably. I have tried emulsion, oil based satinwood, and acrylic based satinwood paint. I pour the paint in and slowly turn it and tip it until the inside is covered and it looks fab. I leave it upside down until it stops dripping then let it dry for about 2-3 days. I then decorate it with lace, beads etc. Then over the next couple of days the paint starts running off the inside in streaks until almost no paint is left. Am I missing a step in the technique, or is there a paint that is more fit for purpose?


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    I use chalk paint, Annie Sloan slightly watered down, never had a problem. If you think that glass is non-porous and shiny other paints can slide off this type of surface but the chalk paint doesn't and adheres to anything, hence why on furniture you do not have to prime first.

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    Ah- thanks Caroline- I have some chalk paint- I did wonder if it would work- will try it out

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