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Thread: Two different businesses tax question!

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    Default Two different businesses tax question!

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    Hi, I'm a self employed dog walker and I have my business registered with HMRC so have to fill out a tax return for that but I have also started painting people's pets on mugs and plates etc. I'm getting a lot of requests now and sold a few things on Etsy and want to do everything above board. Would I include this income when I fill out the tax return for my dog walking business or will I have to keep the crafting separate and have a different tax return for this? Confused! Many thanks

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    I think it asks you the name of your business (this is from memory but as do online cannot be sure). You can call this secondary business something else or merge the two together as pet related, then you would complete as one.

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    I've had income from more than one business and from other sources as well and its always gone in the same return. Have always submitted a different working sheet for each business/income source and have never had any problems. I'm no an accountant mind so don't shoot me if HMRC say something different!


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    I have few different strands to my business.I've always run them separately and just added them to the same return as separate businesses. Obviously double check with a professional, just in case, but you should be fine just adding it in. Going forward you'd need to think whether the two activities are closely linked or not. It really depends on how you look at it, but if, for example you have a separate names and websites for your businesses, then you'd need to run them separately. If you think that at the moment, the painting is just a small proportion of what you do, you could easily incorporate it to your existing business as a different strand to your income. By, the way, it sounds like the fab combination - dog walking and painting the dogs!

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