Hi all, I want to make a small clay model, the kind I can bake to harden in to a solid figure. I went to my local craft shop and found several different clays, in different colors.

  1. What are the differences with the clays? Can they all be baked to make a hard model? I found Polyclay, Formo stone clay, something called LunaClay and Elegant Clay, though I guess they're just brand names.

  2. Is it best to model in one plain color, then paint it after baking? Or should I buy the colored clay and just use a marker to add some detail after baking?

  3. I was trying to figure out how much clay to buy. The polyclay packs I found looked quite small for $5. I was thinking I had to make the entire model out of clay. But one website I found suggested making a foil ball to put inside and build the clay around the outside. Is that normal? Is it safe to bake clay and leave the foil in for good?

Thank you for any advice! :-)