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    Default Painting outdoor hessian bunting

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    Hi. I'd like to make and decorate some hessian bunting for my friend's outdoor birthday party and would love any advice on the best paint to use with/ without letter stencils please. I'd like it to be waterproof and hard wearing too, please Many thanks

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    EllieHardman is offline Junior Member Moderate crafter
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    Spray paint with stencils! Then a spray paint top coat. Super simple, trying to paint with stencils with a more liquid paint (in my opinion) are more likely to get some leakage under the stencils and you won't get a neat finish. Just make sure you cover whatever you odn't want the spray paint to get to!

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    EllieHardman's opinion is perfectly reasonable and you need to be very careful to do this work

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    As the original post was 10 months ago it is probably safe to assume that the birthday has been and gone, along with the need for the banner.

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    Hey Catkins, in addition to Ellie Hardman's great comments.I think the funny style is the best.

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