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Thread: Profit

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    Default Profit

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    Hi all, hope this isn't too cheeky but was wondering how much I could expect to make from a wedding order? Obviously they'll all be different but just a rough answer. Cheers x

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    Hi Paper Rosie. That's a very loaded question and will be so different for almost every business, basically how much do you need /want to make ? There are many standard calculations for working out what to charge.

    You should take into account actual costs like materials, time X whatever you pay yourself and hour, services such a portion of mortgage/rent, electricity and heating if you are working from home, postage and packaging, printing, insurance to name but a few. Then you add on the actual profit you need to make on top. You may want a wholesale and retail price differential.

    Some people do a more basic, materials plus out of pocket expenses x 2 to x 3.2

    If you do a search here ( box top right )on costing your work I'm sure there are loads of threads on the subject with many many variations.

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    The fact they every wedding is so different makes it so hard to even try to give a rough guesstimate. It will depend on so many factors and the numbers, styles, package - invites only vs full package (everything from save the date, invites, order of service, place cards and seating plans, table numbers, favours, menus, guestbooks, etc through to thank yous...) or something in between - will affect material costs and time needed....and it is usually a lot of time needed

    If you need to be certain of profit margins you might decide to offer a small range from which people can choose then you can set your prices accordingly and charge for any extras over and above the package options.

    In my experience people who want hand made wedding packages really do want a quality bespoke product and even though material costs are high and the project is time consuming they are prepared to pay for a quality product.

    Of course at the other end of the scale there are people who expect that handmade will be cheaper than buying invitations and they expect a quality product for peanuts... Hah!

    Good Luck!

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    hm, i dont know but enough to cover the expenses. maybe twice the expenses

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