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    Default Advice on Selling a Craft Hobby "Knife" Blades Set

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    I have just had an auction for a craft/hobby set comprising a number of handles and blades in a presentation case taken down by eBay on the grounds that it breaches their policy on knives. As there were other auctions on the site for similar sets, I hadn't realised I was breaching any rules. Apparently these sellers are located abroad and aren't in violation, so I can buy knives but not sell them!

    I don't have a problem with this policy except that I would really like to sell this set as it is no use to me, but as eBay also own Gumtree and Facebook are likely to have similar rules, plus if I tried selling anything like this at a craft fair, not only is it not craft item, I would probably be in breach of all sorts of local bye-laws as well.

    I was at a garden centre today where my husband bought a scythe so sharp you could probably take someone's head off with it. Nobody asked for any details or ID. These knives are so small you could probably never kill anybody or do any serious damage, they are little more than razor blades. Now according to the email I got it is legal to sell surgical blades and razor blades on eBay but not these. I'll try and post some photos so you can see what I am talking about it. What exactly is it about the crafting/hobby aspect of these blades that prevent me from selling them?

    Hobby Knife1.jpgHobby Knife2.jpgHobby Knife3.jpg

    I don't want to risk putting the auction up again with different wording as the reason I wasn't "disciplined" this time was that I had never committed an offence like this before. And as I value my eBay account I don't want to put anything in jeopardy.

    Anyone any suggestions how I can sell this set?

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    Unfortunately the selling of blades of any kind is tightly governed and to contravene that legislation could cost tens of thousands in fines. The trouble is, you dont know who or of what age the buyer is and no one will carry that risk on their site from a private seller.


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    You may need to advertise them locally with craft groups in your area that way if necessary you can insist on proof of age and be sure who is buying

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