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Thread: Scrap Photo Negatives Wanted

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    Default Scrap Photo Negatives Wanted

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    Any condition, pref minimum 2 frames per piece.
    I'm in UK and will pay postage.
    Thanks x

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    Hmmm... Dunno for sure, but I think people may be reluctant to send a complete stranger negatives of their photos, especially with no explanation of what you want them for

    In light of your recent posts I am guessing you need them for a scrapbook page and do not have any of your own? If so, might I suggest you fake it? There are loads of film strip stamps and dies available on the market and you can make as many as you want/need. You may even be able to find a digi stamp online.

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    you could edit the normal photo using any online editor like pics art or any other application and can make it negative and you could take out the print out for the same..

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