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Thread: Need help with an idea for a first page please

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    Question Need help with an idea for a first page please

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    I'm brand new to this and planning out the title page of my "Memories" book. There won't be any constant theme, just random memorable things.
    I wanted the page to be bold, so what I'm thinking of is plywood letters on a background that I'm going to paint with honeycomb effect paint. That's about as far as I can get though. I've got a few generic embellishments that seem a bit "blah" for the first page, and I don't know what to add that would fit well. I'm stuck on what else (if anything) it should say too.
    Google and pinterest are just giving me layouts that mainly include photos, but I don't think one photo would suit the broad content to follow. There's going to be all sorts of things from my kids, to my many pets, holidays, birthdays, places we've visited, lived, the list goes on. I've decided to keep my first book random so I don't restrict myself too much. How do I encapsulate all that into one page?

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    How about using a family photo? It would signify that the book is all about you and your family. I love the idea of the paint effect.

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    I would leave the title page blank for now and just jump in with the other pages. Something will come to you, and it would be a shame not to start on this great project because of the first page.

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