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    Default Greetings from a newbie...... (I'm SOOO overwhelmed!!!)

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    So after an xmas trip to Hobbycraft for drawing & painting supplies, I fell in love with all the little bits and bobs aimed at scrapbooking. I've spent the last 3 days trolling the internet and today I went back for my birthday pressie. I *may* of gone a little overboard
    Now that I've got (almost) everything I'll ever need (except the die cast machine that I'm getting in 2 weeks lol), I don't really know where to start. After reading about themes, I've come to the conclusion that I have no life, and my book is going to be filled with millions of die cast shapes and glittery flowers lol. So I was thinking of just doing a sort of random "memories" style thing, with each page being unique. Does that make sense? But where do I begin? I'm faced with two VERY empty books, and I'm convinced that the first thing I do is going to be wrong, or in 3 months I'll hate it and want to start again.
    I wish there were some groups near me, but google has given me nothing.
    What kind of things did you learn from your first books? What mistakes did you make and what have you learned since that you wish you'd known then?
    If only these things came with a set of instructions!
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    to the forum. A good place to start is to choose an event, place or person you want to focus on and then choose a photo that you want to use and go on from there. As long as you are happy with what you've created it cannot possibly be wrong. There are lots and lots of scrapbooking hints and tips on the internet as well as magazines you can buy. Good luck and enjoy it.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    I'm not a scrapbooker so can't offer any suggestions, but I admire your enthusiasm and look forward to seeing pictures of your work as it progresses.


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    Welcome to the forum, I'm not a scrap booker either so possibly can't offer much in the way of advice. Love the memories idea though.

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    There are so many choices in style, themes, products etc and scrapbooking comes with its own secret language (at least that is how it seemed to me when I first started out ) it can be easy to get overwhelmed... but there are no hard and fast rules in scrapbooking and your book can be whatever YOU want it to be...

    Useful advice.. some given to me, some learned the hard way

    do not stick anything down until you are sure it belongs and you are happy with the placement and design...even when you think it is done, still do not stick anything down.. walk away for a little while.. come back and look again... remove the last three things you added - they are often unnecessary embellishments that do not add anything to the page. It is way easier to add something later than to remove something already adhered to the page.

    don't be afraid of white space - it is not necessary to fill every inch of the page... you just have to make a start and it will evolve.

    Don't be afraid of words... journaling can be a big part of a project. If you do not have naturally beautiful handwriting you can print words and collage them stamp them, use tape or learn the art of journal scripts... If what you want to add is private and personal then hidden journaling will become your best friend

    New page fear is a real thing... it ca be overcome by progressive scrapping. so if a huge blank 12x12 sheet is terrifying, start out with a 6x6 panel... this can then be mounted onto an A4 and further developed and the final A4 onto the 12x12 and final embellishments added for a completed page.

    There are no mistakes in scrapbooking...only embellishment opportunities. It is extremely rare that a boo-boo cannot be corrected

    If you can't find a local group, there are plenty of online scrappers, challenges and sketch sites and you will find most scrappers are pretty friendly and helpful

    What you were drawn to when you shopped should give a petty good sense of your style...although I would bet money that your style and taste swill change and develop over time... the most important thing is to have will show in the end results
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