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Thread: Jewellery Tools Help

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    Default Jewellery Tools Help

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    I make necklaces, earring and cufflinks and for ages I've used my old pliers from my tool box.

    I need to buy new ones and wondered what was a good make of Flat, Round, Cutting Pliers, plus other tools too.

    Really appreciate some speedy replies if possible so I can order tomorrow, to get here for Xmas - as there a present to me


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    If you want reasonable quality then try Wubbers from Palmer Metals link below.....

    I find them comfortable to use and have had mine for a few years now with no deterioration in the joints. I also have tools by Ergo and Xuron. If I could afford them I would have all Lindstrom but make do with one ATM......


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    I started with easy to find pliers, cutters, etc.

    But I am now replacing them with Wubbers, they are so comfortable to use. If I was working with precious metals I would probably go for the Lindstrom though, they feel great in the hand.
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    I don't get on with Wubbers at all - the shape doesn't fit my hand well, the regular size is too big and the minis are too small. I also find their bent chain nose a very odd shape indeed.

    Since Lindstrom moved their production facilities from Sweden to Spain, the quality has gone markedly downhill and I've pretty much given up on them. Too much money for pliers that break...

    The Eurotool Ergo range is an almost perfect copy of the original Lindstrom shape, but is rather oversprung - though this is easily modified, and they're crackingly good value, so for flat/chain/bent chain I recommend these.

    However, if you don't mind doing a bit of dressing, beadsmith make some excellent value pliers, which do the job well.

    I dont' use round/round nose pliers at all, but prefer a flat/round version, and the beadsmith perfect loopers are almost perfect in every way

    However, when it comes to cutters, it really is a false economy to buy cheap versions. I still have my aged Lindstroms in various sizes, but tend to now recommend Tronex razor cutters (the ultra flush version) - but do be careful not to go above the recommended rating or you will damage them.

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