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    Default Selling Body products

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    I'm new to this Forum and making Body products and need all the help we can get.
    My wife is looking to make bath bombs and other body products to sell to the public and i am trying to put all the legal stuff like safety report insurance and any other legal requirements that we need. Can any one point me in the right direction and possible guide me through the process.

    We have obtained some basic ingredients from Just a Soap and I have been in touch with someone that issues safety reports, but they are asking for information that would take 6 months to get, like leave a bath bomb in a room at room temperature for 6 months and record the various readings and monthly intervals color, size, smell and one or two other reading. Is this correct or is there a simpler route that we can take.
    Any help would be welcome.
    Cheers Rich

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    I've been making body products for myself for a long time, but know nothing about selling them legally. I would also appreciate any help

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    Hi there,

    You will need to register your products, to the cosmetics. To do that, you need to know the ranges of the ingredients (30-100%, 3-10%..etc..) the purpose of the product, where to apply... The ingredients one by one... In Canada, it is called Cosmetic Notification Form, if you google it , that should give you an idea....
    Duck In A Tub Bath&Body

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    You should do it. Don't sell your product until you are 100% sure that it's totally safe.

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