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    Default Cutting on the fold

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    I am a beginner and have been recommended a pattern to make an A line skirt (McCall's 3341), but I am a bit confused!

    The pattern says:

    1. Back - Cut 2
    2. Front - Cut 1 - place on fold

    The bit that I am confused with is which way the fabric should be? At the moment the flowery pattern is on the outside (both sides) or should I fold the other way so the plain sides are on the outside? Sorry does that make sense?

    Also, what does NAP mean?

    Sorry for all the questions!

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    Fold your fabric right side to right side and cut(I think)

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    Is NAP written in capitals?

    It usually just means the way the fabric runs. Think about velvet or teddy bear fur fabric. There is an up and down to the fabric, that is called the nap. This also applies to the pattern, just like wallpaper, there will be an up and a down.

    So as well as having the right side of the pattern on the inside, you usually cut on the wrong side of the fabric so you can draw on it without it showing, you have to be sure that you cut all pieces the right way up.
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    Thank you both for your replies, it has been really helpful especially likening NAP (which is in capitals on the instructions) to wallpaper.

    So, with your advice and looking at the instructions again I think I should do the following:

    1. Back - Cut 2 - pattern on the outside - no fold - can I cut two pieces at the same time or should I cut separately?
    2. Front - Cut 1 - place on fold - pattern on the inside facing each other

    Am I on the right track?

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