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Thread: Crackdown on selling and not paying tax.

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    Trouble is Caroline, if this government had another 5.9 billion or more, it wouldn't go on the health service, that is where the lions share should go every time without question and the last place it will be spent, they are not going to make budget cuts, try to con us all into believing it is working then throw a few billion at it, instead it will probably go on building estates for illegal immigrants to live on or foreign aid to third world countries with space programmes etc, in fact this was on the news a year or two ago, might have been Nigeria..we had pledged 3 billion I think, just when it was announced we were in the worst debt ever, to this country that was trying to put a man on the moon, (God knows's been done) instead of helping its own people!!!
    Trouble with "No stone unturned" policies by the dot gov's pretty much any subject just drives more people to black marketeering unfortunately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glynisrose View Post
    Amazing that they spy on and make small companies pay what they owe but if you are a large company you can get away without paying anything!!
    My view exactly!!!
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    So many people are frightened of the taxman, and rightly so in some cases. If though you take a bit more interest in the tax system and make an effort to claim back what is rightly yours then everyone gets what is fair and legal. We are just as much at fault in that you don't keep petrol receipts, lose all those little receipts like a meal out and overnight accommodation when you are trading away, fees to applicable groups and bodies you are members of etc etc. Get an accountant if you can afford it too, they will probably save you more that you pay in fees and the worry is taken out of your hands.

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    Like it or not, the big boys work the system, they are avoiding paying tax rather than evading it, so are not doing anything illegal.

    Until the present system is changed it will always be the case. Though as we all know once the system is changed along will come the clever accountants who will see the new loopholes again.

    By going after the "little " people who evade paying taxes - who cannot or will not register with HMRC, they are easy targets and less expensive to go after.

    I agree with Mo, if you are selling get an accountant, they will save you more than their cost and keep all receipts to offset.

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    Unfortunately the big boys can refuse to pay tax and threaten to take their business elsewhere when challenged.

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