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Thread: Wine casket turned into lamps

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    Default Wine casket turned into lamps

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    Hi guys, i'm still a newbie, but i've decided to already upload some of my previous projects. I'm a wood-lover. I love wood, I love things made of wood, i love the smell, i love the feel, i love everything about it. So when my parents decided to clean out the garage and wanted to throw away their collection of wine caskets (then used for storing our old scuba gear, footballs, skeelers and skates, etc) i stepped in. My and my boyfriend decided to upcycle them: we made lamps out if it.

    I decided to use these, because the years on the crates are 1985 and 1990 (our birth years) to make into lamps. The other caskets are from 1993, which has to specific meaning to me. So, we turned old caskets into new and fancy lamps.

    The first picture is a schematic drawing of the sides of the crate. It shows where the switch will be located (drukschakelaar) and it's wired. The second picture is the result. There aren't that many pictures, because we made a video. See below:


    The list of supplies can be found here:
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