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Thread: New Website any feedback very much appreciated

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    Thank you MustardS.
    Don't need to apologise , that's the whole point of me posting here ... To get different opinions and to fix the errors which can be fixed. I'll look at all the spelling mistakes first thing in the morning.
    At the end of the day more feedback I gather better and if it is mainly negative I'll just stick to eBay.
    And one day I'll just pay to someone and I'll get a decent online store.

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    Agree with the others, definitely get rid of the adverts. Personally I think adverts on a site look really unprofessional and cheap, and I have been on sites where the adverts are actually for competing websites!

    The font used on some of the headings, for example here is virtually unreadable so I'd pick one that's easy to read and stick with that across the board.

    I think if you iron out all these little issues and add better descriptions/photos as you've mentioned then it'd be a good additional selling platform to your ebay shop. You can keep tweeking your website and start trying to direct your ebay customers over (enclose business card with website address in all ebay orders and maybe a discount code or special offer for purchasing from your website).

    And good on you for wanting constructive feedback and not getting the hump
    Visit Natty Netty for a huge selection of Iris Folding supplies

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    I second Netty, the way you have accepted the feedback is positive and very adult. A website is always being tweeked, I keep redoing mine so never can be called finished.

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    MustardS is offline Senior Member 100+ crafts club
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    Thank you; I must admit to having doubts about posting my feedback!

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    Ads only make sense if you have huge volume of visitors. May I ask you why you decided to pick such a bright pink colour? I think it pops out too much. Maybe you can consider a less brighter pink color?

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    beatrix is offline Junior Member Moderate crafter
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    I can see that the website is closed. Why?

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