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    Default Beautiful bridesmaid dress wrong colour can i detract away from the colour some how

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    Hey ok so here is the thing. I bought 3 beautiful"needle and thread" Tulle maxi dresses they are cute....and compliment the girls beautifully...
    But really don't go that great with my dress..(I forgot to take my tulle wedding dress
    sample with me ).our theme for our wedding is LEGO..
    All the boys have different colour ties and I plan on giving the girls different colour sashes.
    I have gave them to a family friend who is a the job is now over my craft ability.
    She has agreed the embellishments do darken the dress and we are going to remove them..
    Also she has agreed on putting the different colour sashes on.
    Does anyone else have an idea of how i can make the dress look a bit better with mine or make it seem connected to mine in some way??

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    Fail to see the problem. Can you not take em back and exchange? Failing that, alter yours? (one instead of 3).

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