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Thread: Initial website review

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    Love the concept, love the theme, wish your store was open two months ago when a friend adopted!

    Now for the devils advocacy.

    I am looking at your page on a tablet, and I suspect a lot of potential clients will be too. You're going to get a lot of "follow on business", I think, from customers who go on to recommend you to others, and I am sure you know that.

    In my opinion, your social media functions are too low down - they are effectively on page 2. When your page loads, you have a lot of "dead space" in the top corners, on your site and your blog. I can't find a Facebook "Share" button on the site homepage (can see a like); can see one on your blog but it is a bit buried in the text, and does not contrast well (stand out). If you are wanting that follow on business, you need your social media buttons to be more prominent, because people won't spend long looking for them, they will give up.

    Sure, they are arranged under bold headings, but your visitors will be busy on the top half of the site, where you want them. They might never even swipe down that far! By all means keep what you have, but I would add some quick buttons in the dead space, if you can.

    These are very minor points; it really is a smashing looking site, and I wish you every success!

    (Edit: having just tried to toy around with my site to increase prominence of social media, I am finding it a real struggle using the free templates, which seem to create non-customisable dead space, so you may be having the same problem)
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    There's a blank blue strip in the middle of the page that you should get rid off, the text under the SHOP heading needs to be better spaced out and theres too much empty space at the bottom of the site. Rest of the site looks nice.
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