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    Default Feedback appreciated please!

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    Hi just started my own small home craft business. Only selling on facebook at the moment and would like to expand to people other than those on my friends list. Any ideas?


    thanks in advance

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    Hi ,
    You need to have a certain amount of posts before you can ask for feedback or adding your website , etc.. I really can't remember how many, read the rules and then come back with the feedback and some members will be pleased to help.It's really easy to have lots of posts very quickly, take time to welcome people here. You will make them fell welcomed and helping yourself too.

    I hope this helps and ask for feedback later, I will be pleased to leave mine.
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    You need to have 25 posts to ask for feedback As for getting more people to like your page you can either promote your page buy paying for facebook ads or actively creating interesting posts from your page.
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    Try creating you own website and advertise it a bit on forums or blogs related to the topic.

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