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Thread: Buying wedding dress online , what website do you recommend ?

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    Default Buying wedding dress online , what website do you recommend ?

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    my sisters wedding is like 2 months away , and we wanted to buy a dress for her online such as *********************** , i dont know what website is good ? I mean you cant trust all websites out there , so what website do you recommend or you think its trustworthy ? Or if you know anyone who bought a wedding dress online and it was beautiful and just the way wanted it , please tell me the name of website ? And can I trust those reviews on those dresses ?
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    Sorry but this isn't the website to find wedding dresses and with only 2 months to go you might not find one online.

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    If you are looking to promote a Chinese website, I suggest you look elsewhere.

    If you are looking for recommendations for a Chinese site, I suggest you look on a bridal forum. I have been contacted many times by distraught brides whose Chinese-made wedding dress was nothing less than bizarre on delivery, and usually made in such a way as make alterations next-to impossible.

    If you merely want to buy a wedding dress at a reasonable price, I would suggest you contact Hospice shops in and around your area and ask if they have a Bridal Department. Many Hospice fund-raising sections do indeed have such a facility, often in a dedicated building or section of their warehouse where there are full trying-on facilities. This is a wonderful way to find a bargain-priced and beautiful dress, once-worn and professionally-cleaned, as well as helping a worthwhile cause.

    Oxfam (and other large charities, probably) also have Bridal Departments, but Oxfam is rather more expensive than local Hospice organisations.

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    The webpage net a porter has beautiful gowns, my daughter bought her dress from there and it was almost a perfect fit. The only thing is that's quite expensive.

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    Honestly, I wouldn't risk to buy my wedding dress online!

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