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Thread: How can I reduce the size of an image without losing quality?

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    Default How can I reduce the size of an image without losing quality?

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    I have a website -

    I have taken lots of product photos which look great but are over 4Mb in size...

    The website is built using the Create web package and there are limits to the size of photos that can be the images on the following page can be no more than 150 x 150 pixels and you can see that the image quality could be improved

    On other pages there is no size limit and the quality is much better ...see the large image at the top of the page below...

    Can anyone advise on how I can reduce the size of the images whilst keeping the sharpness and quality?

    Many thanks

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    Photobucket? Most photo suites maybe.


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    Hi Julie,

    I can't really see major problem with this. The pictures don't look bad at all. For the shop categories I would use just a part of the picture (sort of zoom in to get maximum for the 150x150) and cut the rest ( you do this by creating a new picture for the category image). You can now use more then one picture for your products.
    As for the size - you can make them smaller in the editor -if you are worried about size.

    What sort of camera do you use? I found that with my old camera the pictures were a bit grainy, but with new one they are fine.

    If you really want to edit your pictures then Gimp is free to use.

    P.S Nice website!!!

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    I agree the images look fine - 150 x 150 is really quite small so you kind of have to work with what you've got - in other words you may never get a really good quality at that size In general though, there are 2 things to consider - firstly the size of the image and (often more importantly) the PPI (no not THAT - it means Pixels Per Inch) sometimes referred to as DPI (Dots per Inch but this is more about print quality) - so you can up the resolution (PPI) to 600 but keep the size the same and you will have a better quality image - this is not so easy with photographs as the resolution tends to be set by the camera. I'm a graphic artist so am doing digital paintings at 600 resolution and am able to up or down size it according to the quality needed by my clients. Gimp or photoshop or any photo editor that came with you computer should have those options.

    I like your website very much but I couldn't see an address or contact details anywhere - just a heads up this is required by law under the Distance Selling Regulations. Some people who are working from home omit it for reasons of security but I'd like to reassure anyone reading that, in 8 years of trading, I have never had anything untoward happen with regards to publicly displaying my address

    Good luck with it all

    Jude x
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    Go to , upload the photos and use the last button 'image size'. There is also a clarity and sharpness button.

    Good luck

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    Many thanks for all your comments and tips - will get to work! I know they don't look bad as they re but I know they could look a lot better!

    I'm using a Nikon D5000 with a portrait lens.

    Will let you know how I get on

    Thanks again.


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