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Thread: Card Readers

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    Helen we have a paypal reader and an iZettle one. The izettle is ore reliable and has better after sales service. Same price and % as paypal, easy to use and money in your account very quickly too. Regarding the charge most people have electricity supply option at events. I f you don't get one of the little chargers, costs 10 or less that you charge up before you go then you can run the credit card handset off it if it runs out.


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    Yesterday on the tele they highlighted the Square (SquareUp). I looked it up and it seems to cost a one off payment 39 plus VAT then a charge on each transaction. It takes contactless and I saw something about card not present (I need to read the fine print properly). It plugs into your phone. They've been using it in America for a while and it's being introduced over here (I need to check the dates of the review). The money quickly goes into your bank account. It seems to fuse the good points of Chip and Pin and PayPal Here.It has a very bad side. Poor customer support and something where it blocks you if your transactions go over a certain amount. The amount seemed to be in the thousands so I don't think it would affect me. For anything over 100 I like to be paid by cheque or BACs. At fairs my customers are paying from 1 to 50. I'm wondering if it's worth a punt? I'm finding all my young customers want to pay by contactless.

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    I think you have to acquire updated gadget. new epos system or izettle...
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