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    Default Rubber stamp embossing without looking shiny/coloured?

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    I can't affored to by an embossing machine for a small batch of corporate seals. I wondered if its possible to make an image (without colouring it) onto a wafer seal (piece of round thin card board) using a rubber stamp and some kind of transparent embossing powder, that would pick up the detail of the seal image, and wouldn't look shiny - would have a professional look like a seal. (i can't find anywhere thats sells embossing equipment with a custom seal presser that includes images and not just text either so a custom made rubber stamp seems like the easiest option)


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    Do you know anyone who has an Imagepac stamp maker? These are for making polymer stamps to your own design but they can also be made into embossing stamps.

    I did have this piece of equipment myself but I gave it to a friend!

    As for matte embossing powder, I'm afraid I don't know of any. If you want an embossed design that shows up more by colouring, I can only think of using chalks over it.

    Hope this helps a little bit.


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