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    Default wedding invitation software

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    This is my first post, and didnt know where to put this. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any software which has designs for cardmaking.
    I am looking for somewhere I can get swirly patterns or flowers and butterflys, a little like the card in this pictureAttachment 34642 (Incase you dont know what I mean)

    I have looked all over but can only seem to find 'my craft studio' and im not sure if this is what I need as it looks more like it has a lot of pictures rather than patterns.

    If anyone can help I would be very grateful

    Many Thanks

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    hi you can download images like that for free off google, do a search for copyright free flourish, you should get something like that, or serif do one that allows you to make everything you could need for a wedding, Serif Craft artist wedding day HTH and welcome to the forum

    LL xx
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    I make wedding stationery and design all types of things from swirls to butterflies but I use a software called Adobe Illustrator and sometimes Photoshop. They are very expensive and a real learning curve. I have been using my software for 13 years approx and I still don't know how to use some things.

    There is a software you can buy quite cheaply and that is psp (paintshop pro) which is similar to photoshop and slightly easier to use but if you have not used anything like this before you might find it quite difficult.

    First of all I would go to Youtube and look at some videos on psp and Illustrator to see how these things are designed. You can sometimes buy plugins which contain swirls etc. Illustrator comes with swirls included but once you learn how to use it you can draw your own.

    This is a youtube video for illustrator but there are others which might be better as this is a bit more advanced. There should also be videos on psp as well so good luck with that.


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    You should be able to find anything you need on the internet.

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    As the original enquiry was over four years ago I expect the situation has been resolved by now.

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