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Thread: Heads up

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    Default Heads up

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    I have found out from a littly birdy that apparently the HMRC are now trawling selling sites including ebay & Etsy to check that the sellers are registered with them as S/E. This does not apply to selling off your unwanted goods on ebay this is where you are making or buying in to sell, so crafters would be a prime target and also anyone with a shop on ebay.
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    Remember that as far as the Inland Revenue are concerned, if you Sell, you are a business. There is no such thing as a hobby seller.
    We have a great thread on the crafts forum detailing all you need to know about running a business.
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    Well they have certainly been monitoring eBay for a number of years now so it wouldn't surprise me if they were now looking at folksy/etsy too

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    Yep I know for a fact that they do this so it really is vital to register if you are selling anything you make (or buy with the intention to sell on). They also visit craft fairs so you never know if it's a potential customer or the HMRC picking up your business card.
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    And don't forget EHO and TDS visit craft fairs and Farmers Markets, so if you make food or soap/toiletries make sure you are compliant with current directives

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    Any one with any sort of web presence making/selling items should be registed as s/e. you only have to google yourself to see what pops up about you, so why would the taxman not do the same !
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    I worked for many years at a publishing company and the quickest re-subscribers of our magazines was HMRC - they trawled through all the classified ads & checked out those advertising properties to let, etc to make sure their extra earnings were being declared. I haven't worked there for over 4 years so I am sure they are pretty good at keeping up to date with all the places people sell from.

    It simply isn't worth the risk for something that is so simple to do legally and properly.
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    hmrc also trawl forums such as this and follow the links in the signature blocks to see if you are selling too. Just remember if you sell something whether it's to family or friends or the general public, then you are a business. Doesn't matter whether you make a profit and doesn't matter if you only sell a couple of items a year. If you sell it's a business, and that business needs to be registered. Additionally, if you claim tax credits you need to declare that you have a self employed business and are working on there too.

    It's a pain all the paperwork especially if you are 'making' a loss, and in your own head it's little more than a hobby but that's the way it is...... if you sell then its a business, whether its a successful business well that's a whole different question.

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    Heard several years ago that they had latched on to sites like Misi, NOTHS, Folksy etc. Really just not worth the worry and agro. If you don't make money you won't be taxed on it and for a small business it really is very easy to keep records and file your return. HMRC have a good helpline and courses to assist you in getting it right.

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