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Thread: Soap Boxes

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    Default Soap Boxes

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    Amongst other things, I make 'ornate' soaps and I have been looking for suitable boxes for AGES. Ideally, I would like a box with a 'see through' lid, although, failing that I'd love some pretty little boxes which I could display with the lid off. They need to be around 3"Lx3"Wx2"H. I have found several sites that sell boxes but they are either the wrong size, or, they are sooo expensive. If anybody can help I would be really grateful. (Thought about making my own but, at the moment, I really don't have the time).

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    Too be honest with you boxes dont really take that long to make, all you need is an embossing board and some gorgeous card. Very price effective, can be incorporated in with the direct colour scheme. And you will ever be let down by wrong colour, wrong size, wrong delivery date or out of stock.

    One box will take you, work wise, 2mins. However additional time for the glue drying.

    It is something I do at the end of the day while sitting in front of the TV, really not much attention paid to it and left overnight for the glue to dry.

    Sorry for sticking my oar in but I hope this helps.

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    The Bag n Box Man has a load of different types of boxes and Jo at Sensory Perfection has boxes especially for soaps - I don't know if they'd be the type you're looking for though as they have a cut out on the lid...

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