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Thread: Painted Foam Eggs

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    Default Painted Foam Eggs

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    I found some foam eggs at my local discount store. I was actually looking for the chocolate kind - for a craft project. Everytime I buy a packet I seem to eat them all before I get to the project! The foam version seemed much more sensible. I decorated the eggs by dipping them into acrylic paint.
    Easter Foam Eggs 17.JPGEaster Foam Eggs 10.JPGEaster Foam Eggs 11.JPGEaster Foam Eggs 12.JPGEaster Foam Eggs 18.JPG
    Full instructions on my blog.
    Thanks for looking,
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    Wow they look great! I love painting eggs for Easter, it's such a great activity for kids too. I try to make patterns sometimes but it normally fails

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    They look cool. I'm off to buy some sort of non-breakable eggs for my daughter to paint for nursery. Hopefully they'll look as cool as yours!
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    These look beautiful! Very sensible using the sticks to help them dry, I'll definitely have a look at the instructions on your blog. Thanks for sharing, I plan to do this at our church Easter egg hunt this year.

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