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    Default How do you get started?

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    A friend has given me an initial idea of a style of greetings card that you dont get many of on the high street, so i was wondering how i go about putting my idea to paper? i can design/make the front of the card but was wondering how you go about putting words in middle? do you print the words on a printer?

    i can feel a visit to hobbycraft coming on!!


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    Susan is spot on...if you are going to print direct to the inside of your card you need to do that first so that if there is an error in formatting/printing etc you have only used a blank piece of card and can find other ways of using that...the other thing of course is that a fully decorated/embellished card will not go through a printer anyway.

    Most people either use a template ( you can set up a document on your pc for the various sizes & orientation of cards or get this facility using cd roms if you prefer) to be sure of getting the wording in the correct place....

    or you can buy ready made inserts for cards (I tried ready made inserts and hated them but its all down to personal preference).

    If you are stamping sentiments inside your is always a good idea to do that BEFORE you spend time decorating the card, for the same reasons.

    There is no right or wrong way of doing inserts and a lot will depend on the style and type of card you are using and personal around with a few examples and see if you like the results. Once you have things how you want them save the document and all you need to do is change the wording to suit the occasion.

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