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Thread: Polish traditional Pisanki

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    Default Polish traditional Pisanki

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    well I didn't make any for ages because eggs decorating I have left for my children, but yesterday decided that I got to help them and as I really love traditional way of decorating eggs for Easter I made two... my wrist really hurts but it was worth it...

    you cook eggs in onion skins cool them down and then use sharp knife to make ornaments which normally are floral, leafy patterns but can actually be anything, I did one with my own designed ornaments in a traditional theme and one very modern...

    I don't seem to find a way to upload photos but they are on my flickr and blog

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    ahhh..I put flowers on my eggs and hold them in place with bits of tights, then use your onion skins method.

    BUT....I didn't have enough onion skins, so used food colouring! It worked all ok, so that was quite good. My LO only managed to poke her fingers in the eggs on the way home, then gave me the cracked one and told me not to worry!

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