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    Default Large Cup Cake Tin From Lakeland

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    Hi all

    I didn't want to hijack the previous cupcake thread but read someone talking about it taking a 6 egg mix.

    I have this and spent a fortune trying to get a cake out of it!!! I just cannot get a cake that is cooked all the way through and not very dark verging on burnt on the outside. I've even tried using the recipe that comes with the tin. Has anyone else had this problem? I had a similar problem with their little train moulds but adjusted the temp and that worked okayish.

    The sun is out so I feel an urge to try the large cup cake again. Anyone had a similar problem or even a success?

    Thanks in advance

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    hiya its ok, i really need help too lol

    i have read around that you need to use a pound cake recipe! and also that if you cover the top part with a damp clean tea towel as that bit cooks quicker than the bottom

    or another way is to put the mix in the bottom cook for a bit, remove it and fill the top half :s (doesnt sound the best way to me lol)

    I am collecting it tomorrow, so first attempt tomorrow lol


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