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    Default Track Santa Claus

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    Has anyone seen the website that allows you to track santa claus on Christmas Eve. It is really good and even my teenage son enjoyed following it last year. The site is up and running now for this year and there are games that you can play until the actual countdown begins.

    The address is

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    Yey Im so excited. Years and years ago I was working in a service and maintenance office and we had to work until 10pm christmas eve we had so much fun on this site (or one very much like it) It was really magical even though we were working.

    We ended the night all walking to our cars with our eyes on the sky couldnt wait to get home get a glass of wine and log back on!!!

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    I love this site, I was hooked last year!
    And my 5 year old was so excited learning where all the countries/places were!! When he got a globe from his uncle last year he was delighted and started showing uncle all the places he knew - gave his uncle a big surprise LOL
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