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    Default Soap making and bath bombs.... please help

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    Hi all

    Can anyone please help ..... my daughter wants to make soaps and bath bombs but she does not know how to begin .... so I said I would ask on here to see if anyone could tell me what ingredients she needs to start, and the simpliest method to make both.

    Many thanks


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    Hi Maralyn

    We do a range of kits for starting these fantastic hobbies - you get everything you need to make them and full instructions or you can buy ingredients seperately and the recipe's/instructions are all the the website - we can also customise the labels that come with the kits

    The link is in my signature


    for bath bomb, soap & Skincare kits
    plus Soap Base, Bath Bomb Ingredients, Butters,
    Oils and packaging for Bath & Body Products

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    the simplest way is to get a melt and pour base, then you can add fragrance oils, glitter, petals, herbs etc into it. You can melt it in the microwave, and once melted add items and pour into a mould.

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