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    Default Mulled wine spice receipe!

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    Does anyone have any good mulled wine reciepes as its getting nearer to Christmas, I love this around Christmas time but mine never tastes right?

    Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon

    Lucy Ward
    The Little Kettle Company

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    There's a definate Christmas feel to todays forums,I've been out an bought 2 pressies today,Argos had reduced both by half so I was more than happy

    I found a retro mulled wine recipe , I don't drink it, I prefer a good scotch,lol but here you go

    1 Bottle of Red Wine
    4 - 6 oz Sugar
    Rind from 1 Lemon
    2 inch (5 cm) Stick of Cinnamon
    2 Cloves
    Blade of Mace
    Slices of Lemon, for serving


    Put the Wine and Sugar into a large pan. Set on a gentle heat until the Sugar has dissolved, then add the Lemon Rind and Spices. Bring it slowly to simmering point or until the surface is covered with foam, then draw pan aside.

    Have ready some warmed glasses and a jug. Strain the Wine into the jug then pour into the glasses. Put a slice of Lemon into each glass and serve.

    Mace I would say is optional
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    Personally I can't be bothered with recipes. I just normally pour my wine into a pan, add a teaspoon of mixed spice. When warm enough, lamb it down and repeat until you couldn't give a fig whats in it. This normally occurs around the 4th glass

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