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    Default Yet another Etsy tip (I think)

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    Checking through Etsy yesterday, basically looking at what the 'opposition' were doing. I did a search on Buying/Categories/Wood/Garden and had a trawl through of other peoples wooden garden stuff, but couldn't find my (1 item) Checked the listing......yup, both gardening and garden were in the tags. Checked a listing that did appear there and sure enough they had garden as a tag. BUT....they'd tagged garden via woodwork/home decor/garden on the dropdown box when you enter your tags.

    Hope you're all keeping up !

    Basically Etsy only seems to search in hierarchical order through it's own category list.

    Once I'd deleted garden and put it back via Wood/home decor/garden it showed up on a search.

    If this makes no sense at all to anyone, you think it might be important, I'll try and explain better


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    We don't use Etsy, but that's a good tip for if we decide to use it in the future! Thanks!

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    aha!!!! thankyou for pointing that out - am thinking about joining that page and now have some insider info!!!

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