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  • Ebay Shop Anyone?

    Hello everyone!

    This Easter weekend I have been deliberating what to do...

    I did a car boot sale the other weekend and I sold some of my jewellery but I feel I let them go too cheaply so I regret it in some way as I really want to sell my jewellery online. Like most of the threads I read on here, we all spend a lot of time making jewellery and get disheartened when they sell at low prices or not at all! solution is...I am going to set up a jewellery shop on ebay and I wondered if anyone would be interested in selling their pieces through my shop? The idea is to put as many items on ebay as possible from different sources so that we have a greater chance of selling...

    How will it work? Well, if you could send me some pictures of your work and then I will post them on my ebay shop site. You tell me the market price you would like to sell at (including postage and packaging in the price at your expense) and I will post it on the listing. Once the item sells I will wait for payment from the buyer and then pay the money to you, minus a small percentage profit for me (encompassing the price it would have cost me to list it). Say you sold an item for £10 incl. P+P then I would look to have 10% profit so that it would be £1. Therefore, I would pay £9 to you via paypal and at that point you could despatch the item.

    Postage and packaging may become a pain so I would be happy to make other arrangements if easier. For example, if five necklaces sold for you then I would be happy to receive them and send them via post to each buyer, however, obviously you would receive less from me via paypal as I would be paying for postage.

    All of the above is a genuine idea. I would have strict rules on what we sell so that every item is a genuine article and non of this selling from China lark! The whole idea behind this is for us to all have a way in which we can sell our items and as a group. At the end of the day, I believe we all want our items to be valued and I believe this is the way we can do it.

    Ebay is one of the most successful auction sites and I believe we could do really well, so please get back to me with your ideas...I can't wait to get started! Also, let me have your ideas on what I can call our shop!

    Kind Regards,


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    Anyone interested?

    Please reply?


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      I think a lot of people already have their own website and probably an Etsy shop too so another outlet may overstretch things.

      But I may be wrong, but personally, as I work full time and have two young children, I only do what I can manage and keep on top of.

      Good luck though!


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        To be fair, I havent ventured onto any of the online shop possibilities yet, although if I were to have a bash, I think it'd more likely be Etsy and/or the new (?) YouCraftyLot site and then I'd probably open my own shop as it seems to be quite cost effective to list items yourself

        Thats only going off what I've generally read on the forum about pricing for handmade items on Ebay versus some of the other sites

        Obviously there's no right answer for everyone though so good luck in your efforts

        Shaz x
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          Selling handmade jewellery on ebay is tough, partly because ebay allows all the Chinese to sell their factory made pieces at stupidly low prices. Do your research on ebay before you commit.....
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