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I'm back after a long time!

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  • I'm back after a long time!

    Hi All, after a long time, I've finally found my password for this site again. I thought I would show you what I have been making over the winter. I'm still pewter casting but only in the summer and I like to keep busy.

    coulorful train2.jpgthree trains.jpg
    Casting a field near you.

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    Welcome back and glad to see you have been keeping busy. Don't forget that you are welcome to join our daily chat threads on the Non Crafts related part of the forum



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      Welcome back Ferrers...that old password thing is a bit slippery if you forget it..wooden toys, that takes me back. I’m sure there’s a Richard Blizzard toy pattern book here somewhere from when my dad made them years ago.



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        I have a couple of his books, I'm not that advanced for most of his plans though. It's power tools or nothing for me! The trains cannot be CE marked as they will fail the testing (bits break off) so I can't sell them. I made all of the wheels for the loco's, but I have made some carriages when I found some reasonable cost wheels and it made the process a lot easier.
        Casting a field near you.


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          They look very good.

          I am surprised that bits falling off is not considered wear and tear. I have seen many plastic toys that fall into many pieces the first time they are hurled across the room in the middle of a tantrum or just at ones sibling who ducks

          I would have have thought lead free paint would be a bigger concern.

          If you put an age limit on them does that change the test perimeters?


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            Welcome back to our small but consistent merry band of crafters.

            Love the wood toys, can't beat them.

            Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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