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How to make a Slime Beach!

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  • How to make a Slime Beach!

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    Check out this awesome mason jar hack! Super cute and fun to make!
    Build your own beach with slime! It's perfect for making fake / artificial water 💦 It won't dry out either as it's in a air tight container! Use figurines to make it extra special. I created a fun scene with a family of frogs! Isn't this miniature world so cute? This project is quick, cheap and easy. It's super fun to make and such a great gift or decor for your child's room! I love how realistic this looks, especially the water with bubbles and stones beneath it, as well as the transparency of the slime. Go have fun and create! Any requests for projects, questions or links for any products I used, just comment in the video section! Please like this video and share with fellow crafters to inspire them! If you haven't already done so, please subscribe to my channel! Lots more awesome do it yourself tutorials and projects to follow, all in which are easy, quick and cheap! More tips, tricks and secrets to show you all too!

    What you will be needing for this project:
    * Mason Jar
    * Sand
    * Small gravel stones
    * A small shell
    * Figurines- I used a family of frogs
    * Slime- clear and water like in colour

    Super quick project and tutorial but a fantastic finished piece!
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