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  • A First !

    We took the latest bowl I had decorated to Folk by the Oak, not even had time to photograph it, and a lady said can I have that one please. It was missing it's price label, last minute rush to set up and all that. I told her the price and she said, don't be silly, I thought here goes a whinge about the price being too high, then she added that's not enough and told be she would pay more for it, an additional 12.5%. Wow some good people in the world. She said she would have bought the most expensive one if she had the money but just had to have one of them.

    Always tentative about pricing the more expensive items and this doesn't mean I'm going to increase them as I think they are realistic for the work that has gone into them, but it's encouraging to know it's right or there abouts.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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    Nice to know there are at least some appreciative folk out there. Well done!


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      Well done Mo & Pete, restores faith that there are people out there that appreciate handmade and the work that goes into an item. We could do with a few more of them.


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        How fabulous - you don't need anything more to renew your enthusiasm for your craft

        Someone told me at the weekend I wasn't charging enough for my stuff, but sadly they live in a somewhat more affluent area than here



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          Pricing is one of the hardest things to get right, there are always people who want low prices and simply will not buy anything that isn't 'cheap', but marketing peeps say you can put off many buyers with lower pricing as they wonder what is 'wrong' with it for it's price to be low. This week I've been growing the cahonas to edge my pricing up a tad for some things.
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            Well done Mo, great result!

            People will only pay what they think something is worth so its always worthwhile having low priced Items, mid range and just higher than high, this makes the mid range, the range you really want to sell appear fairly priced when weighed against the other two.



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              Well done. Makes a refreshing change from the "Everything for Nothing" types that are far too frequent nowadays.


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                Good to know there are some who appreciate good quality when they see it. I'm glad you had a good time at Folk in the Oak.
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                  well done looks great!!