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St Davids day cards

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  • St Davids day cards

    I sent these to my mum for st Davids day (the one with the sheep on was from a couple of stuffed sheep - don't ask!)


    another card

    sorry about the bad fuzzy photos! I took them in a hurry!!!!
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    What fun cards and I'm chuffed to see em - cos I've been saying to my fella, since I've started crafting, I've been thinking why you dont seem to see St Davids Day or St Georges Day or St Andrews Day cards yet quite a bit of fuss is made about St Patricks Day?

    I was thinking of making the odd display card for my stall, just to make the point.....but I was also gonna make a fun "ask your man to marry you" card for 29 Feb but I didnt get around to it in time!

    Shaz x
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      They are good! Saw them on flickr earlier!

      I do Irish Leprechauns and St Georges Day knights little people. Not got round to Welsh and Scottish versions yet though!!


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        That's a really cute card.
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          very original cards i dont make cards for the saint days too many birthdays etc
          Jan xx