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New and need ideas for Valentine's Day!

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  • New and need ideas for Valentine's Day!

    I'm new. Every year I make something for him for Valentine's day to the point I've run out of ideas for this year! I'm already making a simple card, but I could do with some ideas for cheap gifts I can make?

    Does anybody have any at all?

    some things I've used in past:
    A memory book,
    treasure/love hunt

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    Home made fudge
    Special Dinner
    Home made ice cream
    (cheesy but effective) lingerie (wear it and tie a ribbon round yourself) - its one simple way of buying something nice for yourself but convincing OH that you bought it for him AND you have to have some new shoes to go with it!
    fruit dipped in chocolate
    home made chocolates in a cute box
    Boys like flowers too


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      Last Xmas I made my babe a home-made "advent card" and he got to open all manner of "ideas" for everyday of December... could make him a Valentine's version? I put all sorts of things on little slips of paper for him to claim, ranging from foody treats to naughty treats to funny treats

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        I dont know. we dont 'do' valentines day! the other suggestions sound good tho. lol

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          Aww I've done most of these and we're already doin a meal and I'm makin sweets. Anything else anyone can think of?
          Done things like love tokens, slips of paper etc...