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  • Feedback (again) please

    Afternoon everyone,

    As I'm sure some of you have read my previous posts, my aunt is setting up her own Jewellery company.

    She's just created another piece, and I'm looking to get some feedback for her..

    Be honest!!
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    That is Gorgeous! It looks like something you'd see in Harrods or Selfridges or on the cat walk of the Milan fashion show (what i am trying to say is it looks expensive)
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      Thank you that means a lot!


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        Might be nice if she joins the forum and gets her feedback first hand?


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          Well at the moment she's still experimenting with making and stuff, so she's asked me to do other little bits for her until she's ready to full on go and advertise and things like that so.


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            wow that looks stunning! I love the swirls on it the most. lovely :-)
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              It looks just beautiful, I love it
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                I like the simplicity of it and the colours are pretty - overall it's a beautiful piece.
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                  OK. I love it.... but that isn't useful or useable as feedback goes

                  1. It is in gold. I don't wear gold. I know, but I like it and would like it more if I could wear it

                  2. The clasp/swirly bit might be a bit too much. As in I like it, but would I, customer, notice if it were a little bit more simplified? What difference would that make to the cost price for your aunt? Less wire = more profit and I (customer) would be none the wiser.

                  Hope that helps
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                    It is a lovely bracelet.

                    For me I would be more likely to get it as a gift than for myself. I have tiny wrists and most bracelets are too big for me in conventional sizes. Bracelets more solid, like bangles can be uncomfortable against my wrist so I avoid those too. I'm just mulling and thinking out loud. These are personal preferences and in no way detract fom how nice the bracrlet is.
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                      Its lovely, I think it would look great worn with another one. Is the wire hardwearing? It would put me off if it kept bending out of shape.


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                        Really beautiful.I like the swirly ends. It looks well made and expensive.
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