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  • New Style Button Bag

    My button bags proved really popular last year, so much so I sold out. I really love making them as I enjoy sifting through all my buttons. However, I did notice a lot of teenage girls looking them and then deciding they couldn't afford them, so I've come up with a "teenage" version that I think they might like. They should be able to fit mobile, i-pod, purse and fag packets in them (tut)

    The denim is from a pair of jeans and the handles are from a huge bag my neighbour gave me a while back. In it was this knitted webbing stuff that was 7 1/2p and had never been out the packet! I'd really like some more of it, as it's so retro, but I can't seem to find any..... any suggestions greatly received!

    Anyway, here is the bag - terrible photos, tried not to use the flash :

    Keen observers will notice that the lining is from Ikea .... bought loads of it last time I was there!

    Anyway, that's my proto-type so the real ones will be better - Toby has adopted this one!
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    I LOVE buttons, I love your ipod/phone/fag bag!!

    Very cute.... That ikea fabric is very funky! I'm sure all the girls will want one - Fabric buttons, button supplies and handmade accessories


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      I'm liking those very much. Love the material's used.

      Kim x


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        Love the bag and I can see my daughter wanting one like that so you will have no problems getting the younger gilrs interested enough to buy them.

        Great work again.



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          OOOO love it as usual, am not even (unfortunately) a teenager and I would use it!!!
          Jo x

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            I like it a lot - I LOVE using buttons!!
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              Love it.....I have really gotten into buttons and love to rummage in the bins at the thrift stores.I have one store that is saving me buttons from clothes that they can't sell. Just have to find something special to use them on.
              Shabby Neesey


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                That's really trendy (hate that word, but...) and just the right size. And it goes with anything.

                Another JBJB triumph!

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                  I like!!

                  Need one to fit 2 mobile phones, blackberry, big bunch of keys, car keys, 2 smaller lots of keys, whistle (supposed to use at joint boys birthday party in September but ended up staying in my bag!), chocolate coins, battered purse which keeps coming open, ipod (for when on train to Manchester), ID pass thing and swipe card, credit / debit / points cards, gift vouchers, money off coupons, phone numbers / email addresses on scraps of paper and Swirly note book (approx 4" square). Oh and a little flat pebble.

                  Is there one like that??!!!


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                    Originally posted by Tip Top View Post
                    Is there one like that??!!!
                    Have you even looked at my website Tip Top??

                    I love bags, you should know that by now!
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                      Love that bag, love buttons! very popular now.
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                        Originally posted by JBJB View Post
                        Have you even looked at my website Tip Top??

                        I love bags, you should know that by now!

                        No I hadn't for a while.......but OMG!!!!!!


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                          I love the bag JBJB! Oh, i took a peek at ur site! omg! bags, bags and so many bags! lol. My younger sister would be going mad right now if she saw them all! I will definitly be keeping your site in mind when it is nearing her b'day!

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