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Craft Project Help !!!!!!

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  • Craft Project Help !!!!!!

    I am new to the forum and wondered if anyone could help me.

    I have a few creative blocks. I want to start doing craft at home and possibly sell. not to fussed about selling at the moment, just want to get back into crafts.

    At the moment i am unemployed so have a lot of free time on my hands. I have 1 or 2 ideas but was wondering if there are any other crafts people could recommend. I enjoy trying at least anything once. I have not done much to do with arts and crafts for some time due to personal reasons.

    When i did do it i enjoyed it a lot as i have always been a sort of creative individual.

    I would really appreciated any help or advice anyone can give

    Hannah x

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    Hello Hannah
    There are a lot of free ideas and tutorials - google search might help you.

    We have some free tutorials on our blog if you want to have a go at wet felting.

    Good luck with whichever craft takes your fancy - creating things is essential to life!
    Annie and Lyn


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      Wow where to start, the craft world is your oyster! If you are unemployed and a bit short of cash an excellent craft to try is felting old jumpers. Stick a couple of old jumpers (that you don't want) in the wash on a high temperature (so they shrink and felt) cut up one to make a bag and one to cut up and decorate it with, really quick, can be beautiful and useful at the same time!
      Just a thought.
      Art with Nature


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        Do whatever you love and enjoy