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My first nappy cakes

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  • My first nappy cakes

    Hi everyone,

    I've been busily making nappy cakes for my first craft show on Saturday and would appreciate any comments/constructive criticism. I've only been doing this for two weeks, as I made a nappy cake for my cousins newborn son and she was thrilled and said I should sell them. So far I've sold one (the blue cradle with the crocodile) to a family friend. So I guess what I want to know is, do you like the look of these nappy cakes? If you were walking past my stall, would you come over for a closer look? I'm a little nervous for Saturday

    Thanks in advance,

    3 tier collage.jpgblue cradle.jpgcollage.jpgcradle collage.jpgelephant collage.jpgoctopus collage.jpgturtle collage.jpg
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    I think they're wonderful and I would certainly come to see your stall. My favourite is the pink, but you have to cater for all tastes.

    One thing - make sure you have plenty of business cards to give out. Perhaps put them in a small basket at the front of your stall. You may not sell to people on the day, but if they have your card it could be future business!

    Is the fair inside or out? If it's outside, make sure you have a sun umbrella to protect your goods.


    p.s. a few balloons or a string of bunting (in the right colours to suit your goods) is a good way to attract attention to your stall. Good luck.
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    Annie and Lyn


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      Thanks Lyn

      It's an indoor fair. After a bit of a panic (estimated delivery date was 2 days after the fair) my business cards have arrived today, I like the basket idea, will have to see if I have one lying around. I've just got to finish packing, pricing and labeling items and hope I haven't forgot anything
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        These are lovely & I totally agree with Lyn that you need lots of business cards with you as, unless you just happen to have lots of visitors who know someone who has just had/just about to have a baby then many of your sales may be after the event.

        I would also print yourself up a lot of order forms (with tear-off receipts if possible) to take orders for specific dates/styles/colours, etc. I take full payment at time of ordering to avoid getting lots of non-payments or being out of pocket prior to receiving payment - I never have a problem from customers & I give them a receipt with all my details so they can contact me if required.

        Unfortunately, I suspect it is going to be difficult to judge the success of the fair on the day so please don't be disheartened if you don't sell much at the show itself.

        Good luck with the fair - don't forget to come back & tell us how it goes!
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          I've just back from the fair, sold a few little things and made the money for the stall back. I've handed out tons of business cards and everyone was admiring my nappy cakes so I'm glad I went =)
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            Glad it went well. Showing your cakes like that is good advertising and once you get a few customers, word of mouth recommendations will get you more.

            My niece started making fancy cakes from home, and although the first few months were a bit slow, she now never has to advertise because she gets loads of business from recommendations.
            Annie and Lyn