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    I’ve decided to make bouquets using a mix of crocheted, fabric and lace flowers.
    I’ve been practicing crocheting flowers individually. I posted the pics on my facebook page and have have been asked if they are for sale and how much.
    However the way I have made them took alot of time. Both the flower and stem is crocheted and I've used floristry wire threaded through the stems to enable them to be bended to the desired position.

    How much should I charge?

    gerbera in the making.jpggerbera.jpggergera close up.jpgsunflower close up.jpgsunflower.jpg

    Thank you,


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    My pricing article might be useful and give you some ideas, or bring up things you might not have considered. It is written about pricing your handmade jewellery, but the basic principles remain the same, whatever you are pricing up.

    They are gorgeous peices - I love the sunflower especially. I'm not surprised you have potential customers, but don't sell yourself short. Afterall, thing about the price of real flowers and they are gone in a matter of days. Yours is a piece of art to last a lifetime
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      Without the time it took to make. Work out what it cost for all the materials. Your not going to get much money for your time for a small value item unless it is very special and everyone wants it. Also consider all the fees of selling and posting the item. Also as times are hard, people dont want to pay much money for anything. They will only pay what they think something is worth. So dont expect to make a fortune. Add up all of what it costs then add on about 20% is not unreasonable and that is what you make.
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        Thank you for the advise. I have added a personalised felt tag to the flowers. Thought they would be suitable for mothers day