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Tonight i a working on...

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  • Tonight i a working on...

    ...Lip balms.

    1 white chocolate one, 1 milk and 1 honey.

    Found this cool pdf file with 30 fun recipes

    Wouldn't recommend the hard candy one as they hard candy just wont melt enough in order to combine into the mix.
    At least i have a bag of sweets to munch on while i work

    They honey one i did earlier seems to have set up nicely. Just working on the chocolate ones, but think i may need to tweek the recipe a little to get
    a balanced end product that is not too runny but not too hard that it isn't spreadable lol

    I used to do jewellery but got too addicted to soap making, however i do still go to the whole sale jewellery place as they have cute little pots. Kind of like this: travel pots as sample storage tower.jpg

    Next project is either bath salts or liquid soap making or a dead sea mud cold process soap, just can't decide at lol