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Craft Project - And I could win prizes!!

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  • Craft Project - And I could win prizes!!

    So I craft all the time, love graphic design and thought a great ideas was to make a website... Well the company that helps me with this creation, SBI, has a contest to explain what they mean to me, in 6 words (exactly six, no more or less) with a picture.

    I took to my Photoshop and created a picture from scratch! Now, to be entered into the draw I need 25 votes.

    Please help me win big money! I can win up to $1000 and my subscription costs covered for a year!

    I cant post links yet, as I'm still fairly new... but it's in my "vistor messages" on my profile.. if you want to vote for me! Or send me a message I'll give you the details!


    That's the link, you need to be logged into Facebook. In the top right of my picture there is a "VOTE" button. You may have to like first, then vote.

    I could really use the votes!! PLEASE!
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