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Autumn Leaves Christmas Card

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  • Autumn Leaves Christmas Card

    Yesterday I spent ages trying to work out how to get an image up, and after much good advice I finally managed to post a tiny image in the wrong forum.
    I'm having another go today.

    This card was made after I'd been in the garden sweeping up leaves. The autumn colours this year have been spectacular, and rather than put the leaves all down for leafmould, I saved some.

    These are cherry and apricot leaves, dried and pressed in a microwave flower press. I then cut them down in a die-cutter using leaf dies, so that they were about half an inch across: I then mounted them in a wreath on 360gsm cream laid card, and, as they are so fragile, made boxes of plain forest-green.

    Hope you like them. Hope I can get the hyperlink right this time.... it's a wonder I haven't been banned from the site after my faux pas yesterday.

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    At last I have been really looking forward to seeing your Autum Leaves glad you got the hang of photobucket - I haven't!!!!

    The colours are lovely like you say really beautiful work.



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      It's lovely!!
      Worth the wait!!


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        That's Lovely...

        ...and you really worked hard. So many stages with the leaves!

        For the photobucket, if you copy & paste the 'direct link' line under the Photobucket image into the box for inserting pictures when you're writing a new thread, the picture will appear directly on the page. Took me ages to suss that! Delete the http:/ bit that's already in the image link box before pasting.

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          I have to own up, Apple Tree, that it was Himself who worked it all out. Give him a pooter puzzle or problem and he will worry away at it like a dog with a bone. I tend to lose patience, and start wailing.

          Now that he's shown me how to do it it seems so simple: I feel a right fool.

          I have swept up a few more leaves, and toyed with the idea of making another couple of cards, or possibly laminating them into bookmarks. I only have a domestic laminator ( Tesco's finest: £11.74) and so I can't do hundreds. I'm also concerned that the lamination might start to come apart.

          I'm not sure what to charge for the cards, given that they're boxed, so I'll have to puzzle that one out. I'll never get the money for the time spent!

          Thank you for the lovely comments: I am very proud of these cards. I'm not sure if it's an original idea: I certainly haven't seen any like it but then there's a whole world full of crafters out there.


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            Very pretty! I love the touch of sparkle
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              That is so lovely and you can really appreciate the work that has gone into it.
              Jo x

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                Oh wow!!

                Very much worth the wait in seeing that card! Its really really pretty and you must be very chuffed with the result!

                I'm thinking of investing in a laminator as the one I used to use was work's but we moved offices a while ago and things 'went missing' prior to us clearing the offices....... so nice to know that Tescos do one!! It could go on my Christmas list!


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                  That is a very beautiful card. Well done.


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                    Beautiful card...I love the colors!
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